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Planning Applications

31 London street aka the Paddington Pole: 15/11219/FULL
West End Green 15/11677/FULL
Lanark Road 15/10992/FULL


As we start the New Year, the Planning Committee at Paddington Waterways is dealing with an unprecedented number of highly controversial planning applications, all of which are trying to push through their applications before the Westminster Community
Infrastructure Levy takes effect in April/May this year and before Boris leaves his post, as he is considered pro development in contrast to his likely successors.


We would encourage you to read and act on the notes below as well as forward this email to other interested parties.

Two of the applications would likely dramatically alter the skyline of both the immediate area and also, when viewed from conservation areas and open spaces, from Hyde Park/ Kensington Gardens through to Regents Park/ Primrose Hill . They are in direct conflict with Westminster's own policy on Tall Buildings. The most obvious of these is the"Paddington Pole", which is the Sellar scheme for the redevelopment of the old post
office sorting office at 31 London Street.  Whilst the scheme will bring about investment in the Bakerloo Line, this was included within the previous consented scheme ,which perhaps had an appropriate bulk
and mass and retained the existing elevation. The piazza, much lauded by the developers as a public space will still provide for traffic, including "blue light" ambulances heading to and from St Marys. This
aspect does not appear to have been fully thought through by the developers and is a huge missed opportunity to engage with the Hospital, to  make improvements for not only visitors to the station
but also the hospital.

You can read more and sign a petition if you are so minded against the scheme here:

You can also write directly to the council to comment on the scheme by going to:


The second application is by Berkley Homes ,who have recently submitted proposals for the redevelopment of West End Green on Edgware Road. Whilst the redevelopment of this long vacant site is welcomed in
principle, their proposals are again not in accordance with current policy, in that they are seeking to construct a number of tall buildings of circa 38 storeys each, whereas policy limits the current heights at some 22 floors.


Comments on this application may be made via this link:

The construction of either of these schemes will have a significant effect on the southerly skyline of the area, which has already been filled in in part by the Paddington Basin developments. Whilst we
accept that to provide housing and employment space for a growing London it is inevitable that we will have to build up, we are of the firm view that we should be considering revisions to the current council policy on tall buildings first and then consider specific
applications based on any update to the policy. The existing policy states that the area is suitable for 1 tall building and that is already consented being the "cucumber" building at Merchant Square.

The third application is for the redevelopment of the existing low-level sports centre and associated parking area on Lanark Road with a much larger block that is for its entire length at least as tall as the houses behind in Randolph Avenue; this application is considered to be wholly inappropriate in that it will have a
significant impact on the existing properties on Randolph Avenue, and is out of scale with everything else on Lanark Road.   Whilst we support the provision of new community facilities, the scheme should be
reduced in height by 2 floors to bring the bulk and massing into a suitable relationship with all the properties around it.


Comments on this scheme can be lodged via


PWMVS is actively working to respond to these applications in a constructive manner but also with a clear indications of the significant concerns these schemes raise for the residential amenity of the area; we would also strongly encourage residents to respond via the formal channels to these schemes

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